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VZUG. V-ZUG’s success story already spans over a century. It all began in 1913 with Verzinkerie Zug and 39 employees. The company galvanised its own sheet metal products, and as a subcontractor, metal parts made by third parties.

For more than 100 years V-ZUG have made it their mission to make every-day-life easier though their high quality, innovative household appliances. Whether they are looking at cooking, washing or laundry solutions, people who expect their appliance to deliver more than just the basics need look no further than V-ZUG. As the Swiss market leader, they live by Swiss values – and make it possible for people all over the world to experience these with simple, individual solutions that provide long lasting inspiration and delight. This is what they mean by Swiss perfection for you home.

Switzerland is a nation of inventors, the country of precision-made watches and the home of world-famous chocolate. At the centre of all this is the vibrant and prosperous economic region of Zug. V-ZUG has gained ground in selected global markets and provides discerning customers with a price of premium products and excellent service.

Today, V-ZUG employs over 1,400 staff across 30 different nationalities and the companies approach to its staff means that it encourages loyalty, so much so, that there are currently more than 200 employees who have served with the company for more than 25 years or more! In fact, several generations of the same family have been employed by V-ZUG.

V-ZUG is the only company in its sector that develops and manufactures its products in Switzerland. To ensure high quality standards are retained from the raw materials through to delivery, each product is subjected to an average of 600 tests.

V-ZUG appliances are premium products and are top performers in each of their categories mainly because of form, function, reliability and longevity with each appliance having a longer-than-average lifespan. The company’s products are expertly designed with the end-user always in mind, therefore, they are simple to operate and feature automatic programmes which make life easier. As well as simplifying food preparation, they are simple and safe to clean.

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Website: www.vzug.com/gb/en/

Email: rhys.evans@vzug.com

Phone: 0843 289 5759

Facebook: facebook.com/vzug/

Twitter: twitter.com/vzuguk

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