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Debbie & Andrew's. Debbie&andrew’s sausages are instantly recognisable by the farmers’ welly boots on every pack and the promise to provide 'A Real Taste of the Country'. This translates into hearty, meaty and succulent sausages made the old fashioned way, using the best cuts of British pork from Red Tractor approved farms. The team at debbie&andrew’s is passionate about simple, well made food that is integral to happy, active lifestyles - which is why all their premium sausages are wheat, gluten and dairy free.

Whether it is a warming dish served up after a winter walk or a summer salad at the heart of a BBQ celebration, the debbie&andrew’s team aims to ensure their sausages make every meal memorable. A good blog also encompasses memorable meals and magical moments. It should express a passion for country food or extol seasonal ingredients or champion regional, rural recipes. It might provide an insight into sourcing the best products, preparing food that can be shared generously or just show how to make simple meals magical. It may talk about communities that still celebrate the type of food and harvest heroes that debbie&andrew’s micro sponsorships aim to support.

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