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Cley Smokehouse. Cley Smokehouse are an artisan producer based on the Norfolk Coast specialising in traditional smoked fish, shellfish, home made pateés and smoked meats all available for delivery direct to your door.

North Norfolk is home to the famous Cromer Crab and our Dressed crab and Lobster are all caught using sustainable traditional fishing methods (usually from our own boat) and vac packed to guarantee them fresh. Our smoked salmon is hand prepared and all our sliced salmons are sliced by hand, featuring a terrific range from Lavender-Citrus to Gravalax.

A delicately Smoked Prawn, the famous Cley Smokehouse Kipper, "properly" Smoked Haddock... all compliment our range of hand-crafted products. Real food goes a long way - so whether you're looking for a Dinner party treat, something different for supper or even something different for the sandwiches check out our website.

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